Jo Howell: : June 2012

Jo Howell: The City by the Sea

Born and raised a true Sunderlander, Jo Howell, uses photography to explore aspects of her beloved town conveying a sense of fantasy and creating a hyper-reality.

Using long exposure techniques she uses light to build a narrative of a world that seems far removed from the town’s industrial heritage, and yet is intrinsically linked with the reality.

In the image The Fisherman’s Walk, Jo Howell captures the long walk of the fisherman to the end of the pier over a 10-minute period of time. The journey is marked simply by the impression of light left behind by his torch. The sea becomes as still as a mill-pond as the motion blurs into abstraction. The real life story that is captured in this image is one of the artist’s personal favourites in the series of work.

“It was a beautiful night on Roker beach, and I had only intended on shooting a 5 minute exposure of the light house but just as I released the shutter I noticed the fisherman with his lamp. I decided that I would run the risk of the image bleaching out to capture the full journey of the man. I’m glad I took the risk!”

This is an ongoing project by the artist and contains images from 2009 to the present.

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