Pat Bell: Abstracts. October 2014

Artist's statement

Fine Art (Sculpture) at Sunderland University, B.A.

Theatre Design at the Slade, University College, London, Post-graduate

Illustration & Design, M.A., at Sunderland University

I've mostly worked in theatre and the arts in the past. Since acquiring digital editing and photography skills a few years ago, I started to paint in 2006, spurred by using digital photography as a sketchpad, and digital editing programmes as pre-painting, observation, and experimentation tools. My photography is a large part of my source-work and I also develop them into works themselves, such as videos and slideshows.

Most of my painting work has its beginnings in nature, order and patterns of natural growth. That is, wild nature, not cultivated plants. I like scrub, weeds; contrasts, patterns and entanglements.

Acrylics give me the speed I need to work and pastels enable the freedom to draw spontaneously. Sometimes I work on canvas; other times on heavy papers, depending on the techniques which are most suitable for the subject. Working quickly and energetically helps me capture my passion for what I paint.

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