Thoughts...........some ideas we are working on

Not all of our ideas are realised as projects straight away but we still like to keep working on them - here are a few which are on the go.......


In 2011 we built a star shade - which we have called a starzebo. It's a 7m wide wigwam style tent which can be used as a focal point at outdoor events and parties. We went on to build screens into each doorway so that the starzebo can now operate as a 6 screen projection centre housing projection equipment under cover within the tent. In November we were commissioned by North Tyneside Council to develop the project as part of Shimmer. Click to see a snippet, or go to our Vimeo page to see more of Motion Pictures.

Projective Collective

Together with others in Sunniside, we are setting up the Projective Collective, using projection equipment to show artists work in the outdoor environment, sometimes requiring a paint job onto the wall to help reveal the images. the photo to the right shows work by Les Opie being projected outside Studio Q as part if the final closing event of Quire 2011

Containers for Art(ists)

Like many others we see the potential of steel containers as a building block. Our proposal for Artist's studios in Sunniside is designed to be a temporary installation on a variety of sites. Our passion is to create working spaces for artists that are not only cheap but also warm! Now there is a novel concept.

Halfpipe Showers

We have developed some ideas for cold water showers using inspection chamber concrete rings sliced in half, together with individually coloured steel roller shutter sections as robust beach installations. It's a perfect marriage of two relatively mundane materials placed together to make something functional and beautiful.

Infinite Architecture

Ged McCormack Architect