Mentoring for Cape UK’s Creative Action Research Awards

The Creativity Action Research Awards (CARA), was managed by CAPE UK for Creative Partnerships. It brought together classroom teachers and creative practitioners to investigate, through creativity-based projects, the effect creativity has on pupil learning and motivation. Mentors were engaged throughout the country to provide support to each partnership. Pauline Taylor was mentor to three projects in the CARA programme in the North East.

 Infinite Arts worked with 3 partnership projects in the North East which ranged from looking at the impact of performing art on speaking and listening skills to involving parents and children in working together to produce art for a community Gallery. The mentors’ role was to provide support to the development each action research partnership ensuring that the partners remain focused on their action research enquiry, supporting reflective practice, and that sufficient evidence is gathered. The mentor was also able to help analyse data and advise on the final report.

Pictures from: Bewley Infants, Bewley Infants & Valley Road Primary

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