Mentoring for Creative Partnerships London North

Pauline Taylor was contracted by Creative Partnerships London North to work as a mentor with teachers in seven primary schools during the early part of 2006.

Each school was in the process of developing a partnership with a creative practitioner and the mentor’s role included the following:

  • To help shape the enquiry focus
  • To ensure that partners set aside sufficient time and other resources to carry out the project
  • To help establish good systems for gathering evidence
  • To help analyse the data gathered
  • To establish and support a review process
  • To ensure that the learning is carried forward in to school development plans

In practice, this involved meeting with the schools, talking to the Head teacher and the CP contact to help them identify ways to develop creativity within the school. Pauline supported staff to talk to parents and governors and to start up a creativity team within the school.

For more information on this project you can contact Creative Partnerships London North