Evaluation Consultant for Creative Partnerships Tees Valley

Infinite Arts provided evaluation support for 20 Creative Partnerships Tees Valley Schools and the artists and partners who worked with them. Working over a 15-month period, our consultants provided training for teachers and mentors to help them develop their reflective skills so that they could write their own analytical project reports.

Infinite Arts then worked with CPTV staff to analyse the Phase 1 programme resulting in a substantial evaluation report, with PowerPoint slideshow and project summaries.

A report was produced which is a full evaluation of the Phase One Creative Partnerships Tees Valley Programme. It analyses the data and evidence collected, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the programme and assessing any issues arising. Through this process it has been possible to make recommendations to carry forward into the phase two programming.

The published document will be sent to all key partners, Local Authorities, Goverment bodies and Creative and Cultural industries interested in working in education.


For more information contact CPTV Creative Partnerships Tees Valley Billingham Art Gallery Queensway Town Centre Billingham TS23 2LN 01642 737585