Evaluation of Tackle it! for Sunderland City Council

In 2005, Sunderland City Council Extended Schools Programme engaged Infinite Arts to evaluate a programme of work around Substance Misuse. The programme was supported by the Sunderland Youth Offending Service and organised in association with Spaces for Sports and Arts (SSA), and the ArtsCom project with SRB funding.

The programme involved students and school staff from ten different schools attending projects within eight school sites. Qualitative data was gathered through observation, individual interviews and collaborative discussion with participating teachers, artists, students and the project manager.

The project was assessed in terms of achievement in the following areas:

  • Raised awareness of substance misuse
  • Promotion of Citizenship
  • Learning through the Arts
  • Presentation of finished work at a final celebration event
  • Creation of future stand-alone projects
  • Additional benefits and unexpected outcomes

Infinite Arts evaluated the project through contact with all key partners and produced a written report for Sunderland City Council showing the benefits and learning points from the project.