Tiramisu training for Creative Partnerships London West

 “TIRAMISU” was funded by Creative Partnerships London West and provided training for twenty-four teachers from eleven schools in West London. The name ‘Tiramisu’ means ‘lift me up’, and the project set out to provide an opportunity for teachers and teaching assistants to explore creative learning. The course stimulated debate about how we learn as much as encouraging interest in kites. The project was lead by kite artists Pauline Taylor and Frances Anderson from Infinite Arts along with kite makers Robert Trépanier from Canada and Anna Rubin from Austria.

During the first day, participants tried making kites without instruction and then were given some ‘rules’ to follow once they’d made a start. During day two, they designed, made, tested and amended their own kite using an ‘uplifting thing’ they had brought and by the end of the day everyone had had a chance to fly their unique kite. At the end of day two, a reflective circle explored the benefits of the different ways of learning – over a glass of tiramisu! Many teachers recognised that the way they had learned had been unusual, that there could be different ways of approaching a task and that you need to leave space and time for experimentation. They saw that the course was not just about kitemaking but approaches to learning.

“I re-discovered how much fun it can be to learn about something through a hands-on practical approach.” Teacher

‘I’m quite cynical about the education system, not about teaching – just the system. So this has been a real ‘pick me up’- very inspiring. We get enough of training days which numb your mind.’ Teacher

“When I go back I will try to make my lessons more creative in future.” Teacher

“I’ll give children some explorative and unstructured work to start with” Teacher

The artists felt that they had learned from the teachers too;

 “They learned from us for sure, but we learned from the teachers too. They were 30 people with thirty different ideas and we had to help figure out thirty problems. We learned a lot.”    Robert Trépanier, Kitemaker, Canada

Tiramisu is currently being developed throughout the UK and can be offered as inset or as a residential course for teachers in your area. Please contact Pauline Taylor at Infinite Arts for more information.

For more information on this project you can contact Creative Partnerships London West