Project Management of the Understanding Damage resource for Creative Partnerships North and South Tyneside.

Infinite Arts was commissioned by Creative Partnerships North and South Tyneside to develop an education resource based on the film ‘Damage’ which had previously been developed with young people in Tyneside. The pack was designed to support those who work with young people in both formal and informal education settings.

The pack includes an introduction, activity pages, appendices, photographs and playing cards within a large folder. In the back of the pack is a DVD case containing a DVD of two films (Damage and The Damage Report) along with a CD containing an electronic version of the whole pack.

Initial responses from youth leaders and teachers who attended the initial training session include;

  • a very useful tool to use with young people
  • a good opportunity to try what looks to be a good resource
  • new ideas for discussion for personal development
  • new ideas for speaking and listening for GCSE
  • new ideas for discussions, games / activities from the lesson plans

For more information or to request a copy of th electronic pack please contact The Customs House