Creativity Training Client: Community Development Network (Voices)

Voices supports Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organizations and groups in Sunderland to play an active role in key strategic partnerships. Voices staff provide a support service and run training workshops for VCS representatives.

Infinite Arts led a staff training session focussing on introducing creativity into facilitation.

The training involved activities to help define creativity, looking at the attributes of a creative person and the potential barriers to creativity. The group identified the key attributes of a good facilitator, and the pitfalls they may encounter.

Above all the training was designed to show that there is no right way or wrong way to facilitate – but that different methods and approaches will work in different settings.

Participants identified and discovered ways to be more creative in their work and Infinite Arts developed these ideas into a set of handouts which were supplied to the group following the training.

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“We need more days like this as it gets everyone thinking and working together. It even breaks down barriers of power  - there has been no difference between team leader or admin staff here!”

Participant in Creativity Training for Facilitators