B2B Bump to Baby Mural Sunderland for Sunderland City Council

Infinite Arts worked with teenage mums who attend ‘Bump to Baby’ sessions at The Place in Sunderland as part of their education package. The project involved the production of a colourful mural for their entrance. The young women produced small-scale collages which were worked on digitally before having the mural panels produced and printed commercially at full scale life size.

The work which was commissioned by Rick Stifter, involved a group of pregnant teenagers and mums who were able to spend some time on the project from time to time. Pauline Taylor’s role as the artist was to help the group focus their ideas, encourage them to try out various techniques and offer support and advice to help in the completion of the mural. 

The group opted for a photographically produced printed mural in a number of panels. The work was created using a variety of techniques – collage, drawing, photography, digital manipulation with Photoshop; and were then digitally enlarged and photographically printed onto fomex (strong plastic based board) The cost of printing was relatively high but the result is very hardwearing and in the protected entrance of the building in Hendon, should last many years.

The project was funded by Sunderland City Council through B2B

For more information on this project please contact Sunderland School Improvement,

Teenage Pregnancy

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