Generations Share the Sky, Kites at The Grange Day Centre
Specialist kite maker Pauline Taylor, who is based in the North East, is working with children and elders in Throckley to help them make their own kites. The aim is to bring the two generations together with a common theme - Kites. Children (mainly nine to fourteen years old) from the local Throckley Community Association are working alongside elders from The Grange Day Centre in Throckley. They work separatley but come together to share what they have been doing and hopefully to fly kites together. Kite flying will provide a fun and companionable way to be out in the open air and take exercise.

Pauline has been making kites for almost 20 years and receives invitations to fly and exhibit her kites at festivals in Europe as well as in the UK. She has worked with participants of all ages supporting kite making using a wide range of materials and techniques from the simplest mini kite made from paper and scraps of wool, to more complicated constructions using various fabrics, inks, paint and carbon fibre.

An interest in kites can span generations providing a common medium for people to engage with. They can be the channel for learning and sharing between different ages and different cultures. Kites can also help introduce the history and geography of other countries and other cultures.
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For more information on this project please contact

Michele Wright at The Grange Day Centre, Throckley