Heavers Farm Primary School Kite Project

A one day project with the two classes of year 4 in october 2011

"It was so wonderful for the children to be able to make something and see it fly. Children were so engaged from the very beginning. They were fascinated that their own creations flew so well. 60 children running excitedly onto our field with a kite in their hand made the entire school stop and stare. The children were talking about it for weeks! "

Gwen McCormack Year 4 teacher

"Making kites is a great activity as it's something none of them had ever done before. Most of them hadn't even flown a kite this good, and I've certainly never made one!" Laura Akhurst Year 4 teacher

"The kite making workshop looked brilliant, our children were very jealous and were watching the flying from the window. It looked as though year 4 really enjoyed themselves and we've got some great ideas from them for activities for the younger years as well." Ellie Haworth, year 1 teacher. 

Pupils comments

"You don't even have to run with it, it flies by itself" Joel

"I loved that my kite got so high!" Tyreece

"I learned that you need to balance your kite or it won't fly properly. There are lots of things you need to get just right so that your kite can fly. All of our kites flew!" Stephanie

The project was funded by Infinite Arts
For more information on this project please contact Heavers Farm School
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