Hudson Road Primary School Kite Arch Project

Pupils from Hudson Road Primary School in Sunderland were excited that their own artwork has been seen in Malaysia and Thailand this year. Year 3/4 pupils took part in a kite-making project with visiting artist Pauline Taylor last month to make a kite arch. Pauline was able to take the kites they have been making to display in the Far East where she was invited to attend two international kite festivals in Malaysia and one in Thailand.

Pauline describes the work.

“Together the pupils worked on a kite arch – a long string of about 20 kites, each decorated with a different image. The children chose to use friendship as their theme so they drew and coloured images of their friends onto the kites.”

In Malaysia and in Thailand, local people assisted Pauline to show the kite arch which was displayed alongside one from the Art Studio in Sunderland, and one made by elders at The Grange Day Centre in Newcastle.

All these children made a kite: Aaron, Sarah, Dana, Courtney, Sarah, Termitope, Jesse, Clayton, Callum, Ershedal, Shaunie, Kallum, Alex, Kieran, David, Bridie, Jamie, Elisha, Shannon, Shubona, Ashleigh, Ryan, Lois, Danny, Lauren, Brooke, Jack, Megan, Reece, Kevin, Rhys, Chloe, Sinnea, Caitlin, Cagney, Riad, Saffuan, Saihaan, Shuaib, Caitlyn, Brogan, Chloe, Ellie, Taneya, Afton, Shaila, Raniya, Khadia, Asiya, Anisha, Fahmida, Nadia, Danielle, Demi.

to read a report on the work with elders which links with this work at Hudson Rd - please click one of the links below:

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The project was funded by Infinite Arts

For more information on this project please contact Hudson Road Primary School