Castleview Enterprise Academy - Prayer Flags

Infinite Arts worked at Castleview Enterprise Academy in Sunderland on a one day project during a Collapsed Curriculum day where the focus was Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural.

Beyond School Manager Mrs J Smith commented;

“As part of Year 8's day of culture they took part in an activity making prayer flags.  The students explored the meanings surrounding the flags and learned about what they symbolise; the mantras and prayers used and that they promote peace, compassion, strength & wisdom.  The activity helped the students understand about other cultures and the importance of tradition.”

We started by looking at the prayer flag tradition in Tibet, the symbolism, the colours, and the elements and then the pupils started to create their own symbols and mantras – trying to decide what would be a good message for the future. Some of their ideas included:

Peace With Other People

Happiness, Life, Hope, Future

You are Free to do what you want to do

May all be Well

Races can be Together

The flags were then sewn onto a long string and can be exhibited around the school.

For more information on this project please contact Castleview Enterprise Academy

The project was funded by Castleview Enterprise Academy