Infinite Domes – Geodesic dome building at the NGCA

Infinite Arts was contracted by the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art to run creative activities related to Edwin Li’s Geodesic Domes on exhibition in the Gallery. Pauline Taylor, an artist and Ged McCormack, an architect worked with 6 primary school classes during November and December to make geodesic domes from recycled newspapers. 

The workshop was for Y5 or Y6 and the aims were:

·       To learn about Geodesic domes

·       To work in groups to make 3D models

·       To work together to make a large dome

·       To support and develop maths, problem solving, team work, planning, organisation.

What did we do?

We learned how to make a sheet of newspaper into a strong strut for dome building. Pupils worked together to make hundreds of these struts. They ran a quality control check to see that the struts were well made and suitable for use. They set up a measuring department to measure and cut the two different lengths of strut required. Once that was done they used sticky tape to fix the struts together in the correct arrangement to form a dome structure which they could all fit inside.

At the end of the day the pupils found that they could calculate the height of the dome, the number of triangles, pentagons and hexagons involved and the perimeter dimension of the dome.

“The children were challenged effectively to work in collaboration with one another and they were amazed and delighted with the domes they created.” Mrs Abbott, Y6 Teacher

Please contact us to find out more and to book a dome building session for your school


The project was funded by Sunderland City Council through NGCA

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