Kenton Academy Maths Enrichment Kite and Dome Project

Ged McCormack and Pauline Taylor from Infinite Arts provided training for 35 staff at Kenton Academy and then supported them and other staff to lead three maths enrichment days for years 7,8 and 9. Over 900 pupils took part in kitemaking and geodesic dome building during the course of three days.


Working with Pauline who is a specialist artist and kitemaker, pupils learned and revisited a variety of skills both practical and social during the process of making their kites. They started by making a testing a traditional kite shape and then went on to design their own kites.

One teacher commented that it was a joy to hear the year 8’s laughing – really laughing as they enjoyed flying the kites they had made.


Working with Architect, Ged McCormack, pupils were able to work in teams to build a geodesic dome out of newspaper. Each team worked with a member of staff and had to create 65 rolled newspaper struts with which to build their dome. These had to be measured and cut so that they could be constructed to form the dome which was ultimately big enough for most of the group to squeeze inside.

The process of making and measuring required patience and cooperation, fine motor skills and practical application. Constructing the dome required the group to work together undertaking roles supporting the structure or fixing joints as required. With the fixing of the final strut the dome achieves surprising strength and solidity.

For more information on this project please contact Kenton Academy Maths Team