Mural and garden at Langley First School

Infinite Arts was invited to work with the nursery class at Langley First school to develop their outdoor area into a garden. After a couple of meetings, we agreed that the space could easily be developed as a wild’ish’ garden - with plants, ditches, stones, long grass, flowers, weeds (inevitably!) logs to sit on, undulating land, hillocks, stepping stones, muddy patches, large logs to help create a minibeast environment and willow tunnel. The project took places over about 3 months with the artist working approximately 10 days with the school.

For the first couple of sessions we worked out of doors to plant willow rods to form a tunnel.

We also did some digging  - working with older pupils to help remove turf and create a small hill; then the younger children replaced the turves on the hill. At the end of the day, one of the children described the activity to a parent – we built a mountain today.

The new garden area includes. We developed a plan for painting a mural on the surface of a white mobile classroom which was in the centre of the garden. Pupils and staff felt that a nature/garden theme would be ideal – birds, butterflies, insects, sky etc.

Nursery and reception began the process by drawing large scale flowers, beast and trees which could be used on the mural. Pupils from Year 4 came along to do the main painting work basing their ideas on the work already done by the younger children. We very soon started to work with charcoal on the actual wall and finally painted it using vinyl emulsion in the brightest colours we could find which we mixed to provide a range of greens with highlights of red, yellow and blue.

This project was funded by Langley First School

For more information on this project please contact Langley First School, West Monkseaton
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