FIRE - Elements at Peases West Primary School

As part of Peases West Primary School’s Elements theme, Pauline Taylor was engaged as Artist in Residence to work with pupils looking at different elements.

After a twilight planning session with all staff, we went on to do fire-related work with all pupils in the school over a two week period in early November 2010. Younger pupils watched a video of a campfire and made their own interpretations in the classroom. Older classes watched the video and then designed, created and lit their own small fires making notes, taking photos and observing the way the fire burned. With class 3 we used a fire to cook bananas and also made tin can lanterns which held candles. In class 4 we used the observations to help us create a realistic mock-up of a fire in the way that a stage set artist might work.

Children and staff took photos throughout the process – sharing the cameras around and taking turns.

Year 6 then edited a video of the fire project and year 5 made a powerpoint using their design to realisation process.

The project was funded by Creative Partnerships for a

School of Creativity

For more information on this project please contact Peases West Primary School, Durham
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