Sunderland's 10 Promises to children and young people
Infinite Arts was commissioned by Sunderland Children’s Trust to develop a visual interpretation of Sunderland’s Ten Promises to Children. The project offered the chance for children and parents to work together create images and sculptures with an overall theme of friendship. Perhaps even more importantly, they had a chance to discuss the issues and consider what a difference the promises might make.

Over 200 children from ten schools and community groups in Sunderland worked with Pauline Taylor and Joy Sanders from Infinite Arts on this project. 

In a number of schools and venues, the focus was on “making friends” and everyone had to create mini characters (from small stones) and to decide how they would like to live and what they would need for a good and happy lifestyle. Discussion focussed on what is important in a family, in a home, in a town or city and on what was important for children in their lives. Participants used simple materials such as stones, wool, fabric and glue to make little friends and then everyday junk boxes and bits and pieces to create homes for them.

Julie Lane, Team Leader Home School Partnership Project gave the following comments;

“The families engaged in activities and were able to verbalise the words for promises using creative art techniques. Children and adults enjoyed making homes for their stone people which gave them opportunities to discuss the promises that the city had made to them."

The resulting images were combined with audio recordings made by children from Eppleton Primary and Hudson Road School and the finished product should soon be available on the Children’s Trust website. The project was exhibited at the Sunderland International Friendship Festival in July 2009.

The project was funded by The Children's Trust of Sunderland City Council.

The schools were:

Redby Primary School,

Willow Fields Community Primary School,

Grange Park Primary School,

Albany Primary School, 

Bernard Gilpin Primary School,

George Washington Primary School,

Eppleton Primary School,

Sunningdale School

Hudson Road Primary School and the

Salvation Army’s Community Project in Southwick.

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