Usworth Secondary School Kite Project

A three day project with the two schools in 2007

This project set out to give pupils from Usworth Secondary School and Oxclose Secondary in Washington the opportunity to work together, to learn from each other and to make some amazing kites from recycled materials. The kites that they produced were exhibited at the Sunderland International Friendship Festival in June/July 2007 Kite artists Pauline Taylor and Frances Anderson from Infinite Arts led the project with support from Gill Laverick and Ged McCormack.

Four International Kitemakers were invited to work in school for the few days leading up to the festival. They were Makoto Ohye from Japan, Meg Albers from USA, Alessia Marrocu from Sardinia and Robert Brasington from Tasmania.

The project took place in the last few weeks of term before Usworth was finally closed, and the link with Oxclose school provided transitional contact between year nine pupils who would be moving there.

The project was funded by Sunderland City Council and Usworth School
For more information on this project please contact Infinite Arts or click to read report
“I know how to fly a kite because I bought one at the pound shop. It doesn’t fly very well and anyway I’d rather fly this one because I made it.”

“I learned loads of different ways to make a kite. It has been fantastic these past couple of days.”

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