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Infinite Arts can help you to look at your project and compare what happened with what you hoped would happen. Through evaluation, we can value the thoughts and feelings of the people who were involve, everyone can learn from the experience and use what they have learned to benefit future projects. Infinite Arts can help you to plan your own evaluation process or we can provide an external evaluator to work with you.

our approach: We do not set out to evaluate you – this is not an exam! We usually work from your brief to develop an evaluation strategy. We aim first to understand your project and then to work with you to analyse our findings. We try to reveal what your stakeholders think, to listen to what you think and together with you, to explore the options for moving forward. This way you take ownership of the evaluation and its recommendations.

The final format for the evaluation might be a written report or we could produce a slideshow or DVD to show the key findings and learning points. 

Previous clients have been positive in their response after our evaluations:

“Infinite Arts have been excellent in understanding the scope of the project and pulling together the various strands very quickly.” Katy Hallett, Director, Art and the Travelling Landscape, Sustrans.

Infinite Arts Evaluation services include;

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project evaluation

This could involve:

  • A short study and a short report which identifies key benefits, problems and learning points
  • An intensive process involving relevant stakeholders, participants and partners resulting in an extensive report with a full analysis of findings and recommendations.

consultation, monitoring and documentation

We often use traditional methods such as questionnaires and interviews, visits, focus groups and telephone interviews. Where appropriate we use digital technology - stills, audio and video to assist in gathering feedback,  all of which can be compiled into reports, CDs, videos and DVDs.

reflective practice

We can develop structures and processes which will enable you reflect on your progress throughout the project. We can help you establish reflective practice to carry through to future work.

Reflection is the key to stepping outside the curriculum because the process of reflection can validate your actions. So whatever you do, whatever you experiment with, reflection allows you to see what works and what doesn’t. You can identify areas for concern and decide how you are going to move on from there. The process allows you to create that circle. It’s another way of showing that pupils are learning how to learn. Supported by reflective practice, a non subject based curriculum, should be just as valid as a subject-based curriculum.” Pauline Taylor

You’re helping people to understand that process of their thinking. You are giving value to their thoughts. It all takes time and it’s a process that can be applied across the curriculum.

"Good reflective practice can support teachers to step outside the restrictions of the curriculum. It’s a form of research in action where reflection can show the thinking and the learning which goes on behind the action. When learning is supported by reflection we discover that what we learn is less important than how we learn. We learn how to learn." Pauline Taylor


Together with you we will assess whether your original aims have been achieved and weather you are realising the outcomes your selected. We will also help you look at the unexpected outcomes and what can be learnt from them. Analysing the information that you gather is the key to a successful evaluation process. By bringing together the evidence from your sources we will help you identify problems and successes and draw conclusions.

sharing the findings

It may be a funding requirement to share your findings. We can help you show people what you have found through a written report, slideshow or other presentation. Each of these methods can highlight the key benefits and learning points from the project.

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