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Infinite Arts can provide project management for your residency, event or programme of activities. We can supply a lead project manager plus additional support staff as required for your event. We can also help you to develop your business or to write a feasibility study for a new project. Our management services include:

project planning and development

Infinite Arts have many years of experience working in arts education with local authorities, theatre companies, schools and artists. We have been involved in running our own projects, evaluating other peoples’ work and helping people to share what they have learned. We can plan for you, we can plan with you or we can provide support to help you plan. We try to look at your needs, your aims and aspirations, and build your project plan around these.

feasibility studies

Infinite Arts can help you to write a feasibility study for a new project and help you to write down who it will benefit, how it would be organised, what it will cost and what help you will need to get it going.

selecting and contracting artists

We can help you identify artists to work with you, using available databases and our knowledge of artists in the region. We can run a selection process to help you recruit artists for your project, establishing criteria for selection and helping you run interviews. We can suggest what you need to include in your contract and advise you on what you may need to ask for – eg Public Liability Insurance.

event management

Infinite Arts are experienced at running events. We can help you plan your event or provide support to help you run your own. We try to look at your needs, your aims and aspirations, and build your event around your criteria.

business development

We can help you to develop your business plan if you are setting up in business as a self-employed artist or applying for funding as an arts organisation. Some funding sources will require it and it is always useful to write down what you intend or hope to do.

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