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Infinite Arts offers training for freelance artists, arts managers, teachers and businesses. Training sessions are tailored to clients’ requirements and current training packages include;

developing creativity

This course seeks to develop understanding of the breadth of creativity, and looks at ways in which we can support or stifle it, through the medium of kite making. Infinite Arts can offer training to develop understanding of the nature of creativity: how to support it and how to avoid stifling it. This course can be designed to suit groups of artists, teachers, parents, school governors, head-teachers, arts managers, health professionals, community workers, social/care workers etc.

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creative learning and teaching

This course explores ways in which we can create space for children and young people to learn to thrive creatively. The course can be targeted for teachers, youth leaders etc. The course uses the medium of kite-making to explore ways of teaching and learning. The participants become learners and test out the theory of ‘learning without instruction.’

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child Protection - Keeping Arts Safe

Infinite Arts is now offering Child Protection training for freelance artists and arts organisations. The training package has been developed with support from ACE and NSPCC and is designed to help artists through the mire of issues surrounding child safety and the protection of young people and vulnerable adults. Courses can be targeted to particular need and all participants end up with a copy of Keeping Arts Safe (ACE publication) and hopefully a good understanding of its contents. Training can be provided in your area - throughout the UK.

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reflective practice

Infinite Arts can provide training in reflective practice. Participants are encouraged to understand the nature of reflection and the need to undertake it jointly with partners. Participants develop their own Reflective Practice tools to aid reflection and end up with a file which allows for the addition of more materials in the future. The training will also help organisations to develop their own policy on reflective practice.

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working in partnership

Infinite Arts can provide training regarding working in partnership. Participants are encouraged to understand the nature of partnership and the need to communicate to make it work. They look at ways of developing mutual respect and understanding, clarifying areas of responsibility, developing skills for negotiation, establishing contracts and forms of agreement, setting up systems for reflection and evaluation of progress

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evaluation / self-evaluation

Infinite Arts can provide training in evaluation and in self-evaluation.  Participants will explore the stages of the evaluation process and compare methods for gathering data. In particular the session will encourage an understanding of analysis of data and ways to spot themes and strands coming out of the feedback.

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management training

Infinite Arts can provide management training which uses the arts to explore and develop your own priorities. Course can focus on team building, developing a creative workforce, creative reflection and evaluation. These issues can be explored through different methods including drama, music and kitemaking.

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