Kite links

here are links for some of our kite contacts around the world

Drachen Foundation

The Drachen Foundation is a non-profit corporation based in SeattleUSA devoted to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about kites world wide.

Nick James: kitemaker

Nick is based in Bristol and is well known around the world, recently for his unique angel kites which he makes and sells. -Tomm Jeckel - experimental web since 1994. lightart. windart. kinetic screens, live projections. art exchange & cooperation. landart. landscaping arts. underwater theatre. live exhibitions, virtual gallery. photography.


The studio of George Peters and Melanie Walker started from a simple joy of making kites in 1976 and has expanded to working with the themes of flight and air in their sculptural works.

Anke Sauer

Anke Sauer


KISA, Kirsten Sauer

Frances Anderson -

Infinite Kites