Infinite Kites

Kite Workshops: elders

A focus on kites can be used not only to bring back memories of kite flying in more youthful days, but can be of benefit in encouraging elders to develop manipulative skills when creating a new kite for themselves or for a grandchild.

An interest in kites can span generations providing a common medium for people to engage with. Kites can be the channel for learning and sharing between different ages and can also help introduce the history and geography of other countries and other cultures.

Participants can do their own research using picture books, story books and books and magazines with diagrams and plans of kites. This allows people to access the information in different ways. Videos and slide shows can also be used to bring the research to life.

Real connections with kite makers in other parts of the country and in other countries can be established, using email and other internet communication where possible.

Starting with images of kites and kite flying, we will aim to prompt and gather memories from the elders. Those who are keen to try will engage in making their own kites using everyday materials such as newspapers and bin bags.

Sessions can be targeted to suit a variety of needs and abilities.

Generations Share the sky - Kites at The Grange

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