Playsilks for sale

Playsilks are silk scarves specially hand dyed for use in Early Years Settings and in School. Play silks come in a variety of colours and shapes and can be used at home, at nursery, or at school to support imaginative play.

Children can use them for dressing up; to create a pretend fire or river; or a backdrop for some other activity. They can use them to dance with and to create dens.

Our playsilks are made of 100% silk habutai and come in various sizes. They can be ordered in a mix of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

30cm x 30cm

45cm x 120cm

90cm x 90cm

Larger sheets can be made to order

playsilk making workshops

We can provide playsilk making workshops in schools, nurseries, community groups and in Family Learning Projects. Playsilks can be painted or dyed on site by groups of children and parents. The dyes are non toxic and safe to use.

A typical playsilk making workshop will lasts a half day resulting in everyone in the group being involved in the making of large playsilks or working individually to make small silks which can be used as bunting. 

Sessions can be targeted to suit a variety of ages and abilities.

playsilk workshops in schools – primary:

Infinite Arts can provide playsilk-making workshops as follows:

  • Artist to lead half day playsilk making sessions with one class
  • Artist to lead full day making larger playsilks with one class 
  • Artist to lead training for teachers. Training the trainers.

Typical playsilk-making workshop plan

The total time for a playsilk-making workshop will depend on a number of variables including the age and abilities of the children.

  • Brief introduction to playsilks and making – 15 mins
  • design discussion collectively 10 mins
  • test painting 15 mins
  • painting and completion
  • washing drying and ironing
  • making the bag

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For training sessions for teachers and other staff click here

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