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kite projects

Infinite Arts has developed a number of kite projects in recent years working with primary schools, secondary school, special schools, community groups, teachers and family learning.

Our kite projects offer the chance for people of all ages – pupils, parents, grandparents and staff to spend time out of doors, to look up at the sky, to look around them at what they throw away, and to design and create their own unique flying artworks.

Key project outcomes

  • To encourage people to use blue-sky thinking (in a very real sense), not to limit their own horizons, to think creatively and to work together
  • To support teachers in recognising and nurturing creativity
  • To enrich personal and creative development
  • For each person to design and make something uplifting that can fly
  • To work without known or predicted outcomes

Why kites in Education?

Kites can cross the divide between arts and science. They can support the teaching of mathematics and can help introduce the history and geography of other countries and other cultures. Kites can be the channel for learning and communication between different ages and different cultures.  There is opportunity for action research alongside traditional research and study of the subject. Much of the learning can take place out of doors and it often takes place before the learners have realised they are learning. In a recent project in New Hartley First School, teacher Pete Sturrs commented that his year 4 pupils had learned more maths during the 2 day project than the curriculum requires them to cover in a year.

How we run our projects

We believe that we are all learners and we can all be teachers. If we learn to recognize and nurture creativity in ourselves and in others, we will help to create an atmosphere in which imagination can flourish instead of being stifled.

We aim to work with groups rather than for them. We like to have the opportunity to meet together with the teachers and group leaders in advance of the project to ensure that our approach will work well with the participants. We hope that our projects will provide an opportunity for people to develop visual awareness and design skills and perhaps an understanding of flight technology - however our main purpose will be to encourage people to experiment, to test, to identify problems and invent solutions. This work will support the development of self-esteem, self-confidence and respect for others.

Evaluation plays a key part throughout our projects and we often use video, diaries, group discussions, and other forms of documentation. An evaluation report is produced on completion.

Previous kite projects

Tiramisu Teacher Training CPLW 2005

Usworth school project 2007

Peoples Air Gallery 2006

Kite Art Symposium 2006

Back on the Map kite project 2007

Back on the map banner project 2008

YOS banner project 2008

SIB banner project 2008

Oxclose School Aeolian project 2008

Kites and Maths 2008

Find Your Talent 2009

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