Sweet n sour dough Friendship starter

Starter or non starter

well for starters - i objected to the name thing (herman) and to the whole mixed-up sheet of instructions that came with it (him) so i am trying to write a new set and include some new recipes.

so - friendship cake eh? makes a delicious cake but don't get me started about the misinformation in the so called instruction sheet. you can't kill a sourdough by putting it in the fridge! and of course it makes a cake if you add baking powder and eggs. that's just missing the point of a yeast starter. Just waiting to try my version of friendship panetone ( no Baking powder) it took all night to rise - but its looking good.

It was delicious but a bit heavy – will try less egg and butter next time

Experiment 1

An experiment with the friendship cake starter. I was convinced that the cake would work just as well with out the starter as it has eggs and baking powder in as well - so why does it need yeast? Well - the results show that the starter does have an effect despite the fact that it goes straight into the oven so the yeast doesn’t have much chance to work.

So the cake on the right was made with the starter and the one on the left was everything but the starter. We do have a winner – the one on the right was a bit spongier, and softer, rose slightly more. Both were delicious. Maybe the sourdough one would keep longer but we didn’t get to find out.

This was the apple cake recipe – the first one on the recipe sheet.

Now my challenge is to make it without the baking powder. More to follow... If anyone wants some friendship starter... or some cake... we have a houseful.

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