What's on offer - workshops in the community

Infinite Arts can offer workshops in schools to cover a variety of subjects. Costs start at £300 for an artist to run a full day of workshops in your school. Travel and material costs may need to be added to the total.

Creative Arts workshops in the community

We can offer half day or full day workshops for community groups, families and others.

These can include

silk painting, upcycling, kitemaking, banner making, bunting making, domelights

Sessions can take place in your building and can be tailored to your particular group's needs.

Training for community organisations

IA can provide training in setting up arts projects, writing project proposals and funding bids, working with artists, health and safety in the arts, contracting artists, working in partnership, developing reflective practice, creative evaluation and developing a creative workforce. - see our section on Training

Email us to book a session - info@infinitearts.co.uk

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    Infinite Arts has a proven track record of delivering arts workshops and projects in schools and in the community over the last 15 years.

    In planning community work, we aim to work with you to decide what you need and then work out how best to do it.  It is important that the participants feel ownership of the ideas from the start and see the growing work as theirs. Working as part of a group requires a lot of discussion to ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute. Drawing and sample-making helps participants to see what might be possible and during this phase, we regularly bring the group together to look at what we have created and to make choices and decisions together. At this point, leadership is crucial to ensure that the groups ends up with the best of the work on offer and not the least common denominator. Once the ideas are gathered we would sort out ways to create our designs, and develop the skills to achieve our aims.

    Infinite Arts recognises that Health and Safety procedures need to be in place for any such work and understand the importance of planning for the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Our artists already have CRB/DBS and PL Insurance in place and will ensure that all risks and hazards are assessed in advance and that all aspects of the practicalities and safety both in workshops and processions have been considered. I would also aim to involve staff at the schools and in ensuring that H&S procedures are suitable and are followed.

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