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what we do

our key services are:


Infinite Arts can provide project management for your residency, event or programme of activities. We can supply a lead project manager plus additional support staff as required for your event. We can also help you to develop your business or to write a feasibility study for a new project.


Infinite Arts can help you to look at your project and compare what happened with what you hoped would happen. Through evaluation, we can value the thoughts and feelings of the people who were involve, everyone can learn from the experience and use what they have learned to benefit future projects. Infinite Arts can help you to plan your own evaluation process or we can provide an external evaluator to work with you.


We can offer targeted training bringing specialists to work with you and help you develop new skills for your projects. Following our training sessions we have created handouts based on the information we have gathered, these have proved very useful and something the participants feel they can use again to assist in the future.


Infinite Arts also offers support services. We can provide an outsider’s viewpoint on your project to discuss and challenge the creative development process of the project. We could provide support and advice to you or the artists working on your project.


Infinite Arts specialises in kites and runs festivals, events and educational kite projects throughout the UK. The kite work is led by Pauline Taylor and Frances Anderson who each make kites and receive invitations annually to travel to kite festivals and events in other parts of Europe. for more information see under Infinite Kites

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